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How to make your dress

How to make your dress


Sketching the Design:
Embarking on the creation of an exquisite dress begins with the artful rendition on paper, akin to the meticulous planning that precedes the construction of a house. Designers devote no less than a week to refining and adjusting their drawings, striving for perfection in every line and curve.



Selection of Premium Fabrics and Embellishments :
Within our vast inventory, an opulent assortment of fabrics and adornments awaits, exuding luxury and superior quality. The success of the garment hinges upon these critical elements, as they dictate its overall caliber. Beware of the prevalence of dresses crafted with subpar materials from certain factories, which explains the inexplicably low prices offered by online stores. At, we strictly refrain from trading in dresses of cheap quality.


Pattern Creation :
The aspiration for a dress that captivates the senses when showcased in a store window, while simultaneously offering unparalleled comfort and a flattering fit, necessitates the involvement of a seasoned tailor. Their expertise in the art of tailoring plays an indispensable role in fashioning the perfect attire.


Development of a Preliminary Prototype :
With the understanding that our dress fabrics boast a considerable price tag, CANAN tailors commence their work by utilizing ivory fabric as a preliminary canvas, ensuring optimal results. This meticulous process demands countless adjustments and refinements by our tailors.


Precision Cutting Techniques:
The act of cutting fabric represents yet another significant juncture in the dressmaking process. Different fabrics entail distinct sewing techniques, thereby requiring a considerable investment of time. CANAN tailors remain steadfast in their commitment to delivering their finest workmanship to esteemed customer



Commencement of Sewing :
Once every aforementioned detail has been attuned to perfection, the production of the Casual Dress commences. Here, we classify dresses lacking embellishments as Casual Dresses. Throughout the meticulous adjustment process, CANAN tailors exhibit an unwavering dedication to achieving impeccable results.



Impeccable Quality Control from the Outset :
Upon the completion of the dressmaking process, a comprehensive and rigorous double quality check ensues, leaving no room for defects in fabric, style, or any other aspect of the intricate production process.


Delicate Embellishment Stitching :
Our skilled ornament designers deftly craft embellishments by hand, meticulously adhering to the dress design. Patience and meticulousness are the hallmarks of their work, particularly when it comes to intricate, small-scale decorations.




Final Scrutiny of Excellence :
Upon concluding the final sewing stage, each member of our team examines the quality of their respective process. CANAN remains resolute in delivering solely superior products to our esteemed clientele, embodying our unwavering commitment to excellence.